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ImplantsConnect.com is a website designed to help dentists providing implantology services to their patients. It provides information on clinical procedures and outcomes on a case-by-case basis. It is designed to help the viewer expand and improve their range of services. Apart from Implantology, it provides information on intra-oral bone and soft tissue regeneration, modern technology and oral rehabilitation.

The cases shown here are provided by dental colleagues from many countries around the world. ImplantsConnect reviews and helps develop their presentation and then hosts it up on this website. Intellectual Property rights for the presentation resides with the Author(s) throughout the whole process. If, for whatever reason, the Author wishes to stop the hosting arrangement then all they have to do is to give notice to ImplantsConnect. Similarly, if for whatever reason, ImplantsConnect wishes to stop the hosting arrangement then they can do this after informing the Author.


ImplantsConnect.com is a website for Case Studies, Videos and other materials relevant to modern dental implantology. Each of the presentations on the website has been screened, edited and formatted for use on this website. Both the original content and the revised final presentation shown on this website remain the property of their respective Author(s).


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