Case Studies

Case Presentations which quickly get to the point. They show the problem and then get right into how the case was treated. Critical principles are outlined. You can see what materials were used and how the case turned out.

Smile enhancement while replacing one tooth with an implant

By Dr. Masahiro Nakagawa

The patient presents with an abscess on a front tooth, it is not salvageable. It is unaesthetic. But turning this situation around to be healthy, stable and attractive involves a considerable amount of work

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Rehabilitation in the aesthetic zone

By Dr. Marcus Seiler

This case presents the replacement of a maxillary central incisor with an implant. Careful attention is given to maintaining and enhancing the extraction socket following the extraction and during the implant procedure. This case shows the use of a Conelog® implant

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Recovery of a maxillary anterior deficiency

By Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

This case shows how a highly resorbed maxillary central and lateral incisor region was grafted with an autologous bone block and particulate bone chips harvested from the ramus in a special split block technique prior to implant placement. Soft tissue grafting followed. The final result was very satisfactory

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Immediate replacement of a vertically fractured maxillary incisor with a deficient labial bone wall

By Dr. Vincent Giguere

On extraction a vertically fractured maxillary central incisor was found to have a deficient labial bone wall. Despite this, it was possible to place an implant and a temporary restoration as well as to regenerate the deficient labial region

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Implant therapy enhanced by orthodontics

By Dr. Maciej Stupka, Dr. Wojciech Stós

This case shows a situation where orthodontics was critical for developing the optimal space for replacing a missing maxillary central incisor, one which matched the adjacent natural tooth. Not only did the tooth movement develop the space necessary for a full sized crown, it provided a soft tissue papilla between the central and lateral incisors. Both aspects were critical for developing a functional and aesthetic restoration

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Replacement of four maxillary incisors

By Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca

This case shows the management of four periodontally involved maxillary incisors. These were removed and replaced with a bridge supported by two implants. Great care was taken to ensure that there was little or no bone or soft tissue loss after the removal of the incisors.

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All-on-Six with a telescopic reconstruction

By Dr. Jan Spieckermann

In this case, a 73-year-old male patient with severe bone atrophy of the posterior maxilla was rehabilitated with a telescopic over denture after bilateral sinus lifts and placement of six implants using Camlog Guide

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Implant reconstruction of the mandible using autogenous bone from the illiac crest

By Dr. Robin Yang, Dr. Flavio Rasetto, Dr. Gary Warburton

This case shows the management of a case with an Ameloblastoma of the mandible. After resection of the lesion, an illiac crest graft was used to reconstruct the mandible. This allowed four implants to be placed and these were restored with a fixed, screw-retained hybrid prosthetic reconstruction

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