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Case Presentations which quickly get to the point. They show the problem and then get right into how the case was treated. Critical principles are outlined. You can see what materials were used and how the case turned out.

All-on-Six maxillary rehabilitation on immediate placement implants

By Dr. Michael Podratz

This case shows the reconstruction of the maxillary arch in a one-stage surgery using immediate loading of dental implants

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All-on-Fifteen transition

By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky

A 54-year-old female has a high caries rate and pains in her natural dentition. She dislikes the appearance and desires a definitive result. The case is transitioned to an implant supported dentition with screw-retained Zirconia frames and individual anterior crowns

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Use of an implant to correct an aesthetic deformity

By Dr. Scott Peterson

This presentation shows the treatment of a 62-year-old female presenting with a failing maxillary lateral incisor. This was instanding and failing periodontally. The aesthetics of this region was poor. The tooth was removed and the region allowed to heal. Then an implant was placed in a more labial orientation using a Camlog® Narrow Gap Adapter. This allowed a satisfactory aesthetic and functional result to be obtained.

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Management of extensive lost alveolar support by a staged regeneration procedure

By Dr. Eric Normand

This case presents the recovery of a severe alveolar defect on a maxillary central incisor using guided bone regeneration. The procedures are detailed step-by-step with practical advice

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Prosthetic rehabilitation of an edentulous mandible with four implants and ball abutments

By Dr. Friedrich Dr. Müller M.Sc. M.Sc.

A 67-year-old female patient was concerned with the limited function of a mandibular denture that was constructed to a severely resorbed ridge. She requested implant therapy to assist with stability. Four implants were placed in the anterior region. These were restored with Ball Abutments. Stability was immediately improved and the function and comfort of the patient was greatly enhanced.

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An implant supported telescopic crown convertible to a cantilever bridge should the tooth fail

By Dr. Friedrich Dr. Müller M.Sc. M.Sc.

A 61-year-old male patient with a heavily restored dentition had problems in a maxillary premolar region. One tooth was poor, the other was compromised. The first premolar was removed and then later replaced with an implant. This in turn was used to support a telescopic restoration on the weak adjacent premolar. This allows the region to be converted to a cantilever bridge if the tooth should fail.

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Soft tissue emergence profile management with iSy

By Dr. Marcello Messina

Development of an aesthetic implant restoration needs to be planned from the start of the case. Here it is shown with a socket augmentation, followed by placement of an iSy implant and augmentation of the soft tissue complex. The soft tissue form is then developed by a provisional restoration and the final form is captured with a custom impression device

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All-on-Six reconstructions for maxilla and mandible

By Dr. Ricardo Mattoli, Dr. Guido Mattoli

A highly deranged dentition with very poor function was transformed by means of implant-based therapy. While a fast transformation was desired, it was necessary to do this in stages to allow for healing, re-establishment of a new occlusion and for the patient to accommodate to the new situation

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