Case Studies

Case Presentations which quickly get to the point. They show the problem and then get right into how the case was treated. Critical principles are outlined. You can see what materials were used and how the case turned out.

Emergence profile design in an esthetically demanding case using virtual technology

By Dr. Peter Randelzhofer

In this case a central incisor had to be replaced after some early trauma. The Emergence Profile for the final restoration was developed using a provisional restoration which was modified several times to build up to the desired form. A one-piece, screw-retained zirconia reconstruction digitally designed bonded to a Ti-Base abutment was used for the final restoration

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Immediate implant placement following trauma in a young adult

By Dr. Michael Podratz

This case shows a case of a young adult where there was severe trauma to the maxillary anterior region resulting in the fracture of two maxillary incisors. After some therapy to stabilize the situation the two maxillary central incisors were substituted by dental implants and implant supported restorations

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Bone and soft tissue grafting to reconstruct a maxillary anterior deformity

By Dr. Guido Petrin

An aesthetic deformity which developed following the extraction of two maxillary incisors was managed by bone grafting and soft tissue augmentation before placing Camlog implants

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Management of extensive lost alveolar support by a staged regeneration procedure

By Dr. Eric Normand

This case presents the recovery of a severe alveolar defect on a maxillary central incisor using guided bone regeneration. The procedures are detailed step-by-step with practical advice

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Replacement of a maxillary central incisor with a four-stage surgical approach

By Dr. Friedrich Dr. Müller M.Sc. M.Sc.

A 52 year-old female patient was concerned about the mobility of the right central incisor and her unattractive smile. This tooth was replaced with an implant supported restoration using a four-stage surgical approach

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Rehabilitation of the maxilla with an ‘immediate smile’ on eight implants using a surgical guide

By Dr. Louise Brochu

This case shows a rehabilitation of a completely edentulous maxilla. By using a Surgical Guide and a temporary bridge the patient could have an ‘’immediate smile’’ the day of the implant placement. Four months were allowed for the patient to adjust to the temporary prosthesis before creating the final one. During those four months, changes with the aesthetics and form of the temporary bridge could be made if needed. The patient was reassured with this solution

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Soft tissue emergence profile management with iSy

By Dr. Marcello Messina

Development of an aesthetic implant restoration needs to be planned from the start of the case. Here it is shown with a socket augmentation, followed by placement of an iSy implant and augmentation of the soft tissue complex. The soft tissue form is then developed by a provisional restoration and the final form is captured with a custom impression device

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Alveolar ridge and gingival tissue regeneration for an esthetic single tooth replacement

By Dr. Timothy McVaney

A 50 year old male had Locally Aggressive Periodontitis on a maxillary central incisor. There was no systemic or local pathophysiology other than a history of previous trauma and fremitus. The tooth was extracted, the site temporized and grafted with bone and BMP. Six months later it was possible to place an immediate load implant. The site was finally restored 3½ years after initiation of treatment

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