Case Studies

Case Presentations which quickly get to the point. They show the problem and then get right into how the case was treated. Critical principles are outlined. You can see what materials were used and how the case turned out.

Two-Stage recovery of a collapsing alveolus

By Dr. Peter Hunt

The loss of a bridge with one of its supporting teeth leads to a situation where there is extensive loss of alveolus from the canine to the second molar. See how a two stage regeneration process recovered the alveolus and allowed three implants to be placed and restored.

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Subgingival Central Incisor Fracture with implant replacement

By Dr. Peter Hunt

This video shows a simple transition for a horizontally fractured maxillary central incisor. It was fractured sub-gingivally but largely supra-osseous. The tooth root was removed using a Benex Extractor and an implant was placed. The natural crown was then bonded in place as a Provisional restoration. This preserved the form and health of the gingival region while the implant was Osseointegrating, and made the final restorative process simpler.

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