Case Studies

Case Presentations which quickly get to the point. They show the problem and then get right into how the case was treated. Critical principles are outlined. You can see what materials were used and how the case turned out.

Ridge split for horizontal atrophy in the anterior maxilla

By Dr. Vojtěch Slezáček

Horizontal atrophy of the anterior maxilla is common following removal of the maxillary incisors. This Case Report shows a Ridge Split to counteract this problem. This has the advantage of being a single stage procedure with quick healing and minimal post-operative complications

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Warburton: Reconstruction of a severely atrophic maxilla after two failed allogeneic bone grafts

By Dr. Gary Warburton, ​Dr. Joanna Kempler

This case presents a 49-year-old female who had undergone two previous allogeneic bone grafts to the atrophic maxilla that had failed. She was successfully reconstructed with anterior iliac crest bone graft, implants and a fixed restoration

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Replacing Two Fractured Mandibular Second Molars

By Dr. Todd M. Walker

Fractured non restorable 2nd molar teeth are often removed and not replaced for a variety of reasons including, cost, surgical access and the available width and height of bone. This 67 year old healthy, nonsmoking patient elected for replacement with implants.

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Vertical bone augmentation about mandibular Implants

By Dr. Elena Torsello

This is a Case Report of an implant-prosthetic rehabilitation using Camlog technology. The patient underwent implant placement with vertical augmentation in the mandibular region. The augmentation was carried out using autogenous bone harvested from the external oblique ridge and supplemented with Bio-Oss®. The case was restored four months later.

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Internal sinus lift with implant placement

By Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca

This case shows an internal sinus lift procedure using an osteotome to infracture the sinus floor and to raise the sinus membrane before osseous augmentation and implant placement. This avoided the traditional two-stage “Lateral Window” approach.

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Minimally invasive ridge augmentation

By Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca

Increasing the volume of bone and gingiva on resorbed ridges is difficult to achieve. It sometimes involves taking graft material from multiple donor sites. This may lead to significant postoperative complications. This case shows the reconstructive protocols we use with particulate augmentation, which are relatively simple, effective and free from complications.

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Implant navigation for treatment of severe bone atrophy in the mandible

By Dr Andres Stricker, Steffan Rothacher

This case shows a situation where there stability of a mandibular denture deteriorated when the remaining natural tooth on the mandibular right, a canine, was removed. After precise navigational planning of the region, four implants were placed using a Navigational Splint (Surgical Guide), two each bi-laterally in the mandibular canine/premolar region. Osseous augmentation on the labial aspect was provided at the same time. Restorative therapy was quickly able to follow because of the comprehensive planning

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Implant supported bar based reconstruction

By Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr

This case presents a rehabilitation with an implant-supported bar-based removable appliance in the maxilla. Special attention was given to ensure a precise and passive fit of the bar. The mandible was restored with implant-supported individual restorations

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