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Case Presentations which quickly get to the point. They show the problem and then get right into how the case was treated. Critical principles are outlined. You can see what materials were used and how the case turned out.

Smile enhancement while replacing one tooth with an implant

By Dr. Masahiro Nakagawa

The patient presents with an abscess on a front tooth, it is not salvageable. It is unaesthetic. But turning this situation around to be healthy, stable and attractive involves a considerable amount of work

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Implant navigation for treatment of severe bone atrophy in the mandible

By Dr Andres Stricker, Steffan Rothacher

This case shows a situation where there stability of a mandibular denture deteriorated when the remaining natural tooth on the mandibular right, a canine, was removed. After precise navigational planning of the region, four implants were placed using a Navigational Splint (Surgical Guide), two each bi-laterally in the mandibular canine/premolar region. Osseous augmentation on the labial aspect was provided at the same time. Restorative therapy was quickly able to follow because of the comprehensive planning

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Mandibular molar restoration with an implant and CAD/CAM restoration

By Dr. Gregory J. Snevel

A failing mandibular molar was replaced with a Camlog® dental implant. A Screw-Retained implant supported restoration for this was fabricated in the office utilizing CAD/CAM technology

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Customized bone regeneration with a digitally produced laser sintered titanium frame

By Dr. Marcus Seiler

This case shows the use of a new system to aid large scale augmentation with particulate bone grafting. It consists of a laser-sintered Titanium mesh frame custom fabricated to the desired dimensions of the bone graft. This is filled with the bone graft material and secured to place with bone screws

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Emergence profile design in an esthetically demanding case using virtual technology

By Dr. Peter Randelzhofer

In this case a central incisor had to be replaced after some early trauma. The Emergence Profile for the final restoration was developed using a provisional restoration which was modified several times to build up to the desired form. A one-piece, screw-retained zirconia reconstruction digitally designed bonded to a Ti-Base abutment was used for the final restoration

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Implant-supported screw-retained splint

By Dr. Eric Normand

This case presents the design and fabrication of a screw-retained bridge in the maxillary right supported by three implants, using the new Camlog Vario SR. The procedures are detailed step-by-step with practical advice

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Transfer from a natural tooth to an implant supported restoration supporting an existing over-denture

By Dr. Friedrich Dr. Müller M.Sc. M.Sc.

A patient had a failing tooth which was critical to retaining a sophisticated over-denture restoration. This tooth was removed and replaced with an implant. A special transfer system was then used to generate a relationship with the existing over-denture crown. This could be scanned and by digital means reproduced on a Ti-Base CAD CAM component in Zirconia. The new component fit perfectly and restored full function to the old reconstruction

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Rationale for four implants and an eight-unit bridge in a single quadrant

By Dr. Stefan Moiceanu

Some failing teeth in a quadrant meant that providing a fixed restoration on teeth was impossible. By using a carefully staged protocol to recover the alveolus, four implants were placed and were adequate to support an eight-unit bridge

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