Wojciech Stós

Dr Stós obtained his dental degree at Jagiellonian University of Cracow, Poland. He obtained a post-graduate degree in orthodontics, as well as his PhD, in 1999.

Since 1992, Dr Stós has been an assistant professor at the Jagiellonia University of Cracow's Department of Orthodontics. He maintains a private practice in Cracow which specializes in orthodontics.

Dr Stós is a member of the Polish and European Orthodontic Societies.

Recent Case Studies

Implant therapy enhanced by orthodontics

By Dr. Maciej Stupka, Dr. Wojciech Stós

This case shows a situation where orthodontics was critical for developing the optimal space for replacing a missing maxillary central incisor, one which matched the adjacent natural tooth. Not only did the tooth movement develop the space necessary for a full sized crown, it provided a soft tissue papilla between the central and lateral incisors. Both aspects were critical for developing a functional and aesthetic restoration

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