Peter Flaherty

Dr. Flaherty earned his DMD at Temple University School of Dentistry and remains in continuous contact with the educational community to bring you the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques. He is a member of The Academy Of General Dentistry (AGD) and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dr. Flaherty has dedicated his career to helping people enhance their smiles, maintain good dental health and feel more confident and self-assured. Examples of Dr. Flaherty’s cosmetic work have been published in the country’s leading dental journal.

Recent Case Studies

Planning for two maxillary lateral implants Part 2: Exchanging Maryland bridges for implants

By Dr. Peter Flaherty, Laura Ceccacci, Dr. Peter Hunt

This case shows the planning and therapy for replacement of two adhesive bridges with dental implants. The lateral incisor spaces were very limited. Very careful Surgical Guide Planning was required. With a minimally invasive protocol, a very aesthetic and functional result was provided.

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Immediate replacement of four compromised mandibular incisors

By Dr. Peter Flaherty, Dr. Peter Hunt

A strange resorption of one mandibular incisor was found to be accompanied by poor bone support and an aberration in the form of the jawbone. The solution involved implant therapy, complex bone regeneration and a bridge

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Maxillary primary canine replacement

By Dr. Mike Bundy, Dr. Peter Flaherty, Dr. Daniel Rizzo

A primary canine tooth is failing and a more permanent replacement is desired. As usual, the orientation of the root of the primary canine differs from the orientation of the alveolar bone in the region. This can be allowed for in surgical guide planning. At the same time this allows for the pre-construction of an abutment + restoration which can provide the form, function and aesthetics of a permanent canine tooth.

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