Michael Stimmelmayr

Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr completed his studies in dentistry in Regensburg, Germany in 1990. He received the specialist designation of oral surgeon after several years as a research associate in the Department of Dental Prosthectics at Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) Munich and as a surgical resident in a practice for oral and maxillofacial with plastic surgery in Munich.

After additional universoty-related activities in Munich and San Francisco, California, Dr. Stimmelmayr founded his own practice in Cham, Germany in 2000 and furthered his education in th efield of implantology and periodontics. In 2001, he qualified as an "implantologist" with the European Association of Dental Implantologists (BdiZ) and was named and EDA Specialist in eriodontics.

Recent Case Studies

Implant supported bar based reconstruction

By Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr

This case presents a rehabilitation with an implant-supported bar-based removable appliance in the maxilla. Special attention was given to ensure a precise and passive fit of the bar. The mandible was restored with implant-supported individual restorations

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