Jan Spieckermann

After studying dentistry in Vienna and Greifswald and subsequent graduation, Dr. Spieckermann worked as a scientific employee in the Department of Prosthodontics, Medical Faculty, Dresden University of Technology.

After two years of working in the Swedish public health service, he then trained to be a Dental Surgeon for Oral Surgery in the dental practice of Dr. Glase-Dr. Berger in Chemnitz. Dr. Spieckermann is a qualified and trained specialist for prosthetics of the German Society of Prosthodontics. He opened his own practice in 2010.

Recent Case Studies

Telescopic reconstruction based on implants and natural teeth

By Dr. Jan Spieckermann

This presentation shows the treatment of a 66-year-old male presenting with a failing maxillary dentition. After removing the hopeless teeth, periodontal treatment was performed which allowed a total of four implants to be placed. The arch was restored with a Removable Telescopic Hybrid Reconstruction over copings on both the implants and some remaining teeth. This made for a simple, easily maintained and cost-effective solution for this patient.

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A maxillary anterior transition made possible by custom bone block augmentation

By Dr. Jan Spieckermann

This presentation shows a maxillary anterior region which had lost bone support following the removal of the four incisors. To overcome the problem two custom bone blocks were designed and milled from human cadaver head of femur bone. These were placed and secured in the affected region. After a suitable healing time it was possible to place implants and to complete a successful rehabilitation.

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A not-so-simple three unit bridge with two implants situation

By Dr. Jan Spieckermann

A 51-year-old female was referred for placement of implants in an edentulous segment on the mandibular left. A simple surgical guide showed that tooth and nerve damage might develop. See how the situation was treated by changing the angle of the implants and by using bone augmentation in the region of crestal bone deficiencies.

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