Vojtěch Slezáček

Dr Vojtěch Slezáček graduated from the Dental School of  Palacký University of Olomouc in the Czech Republic in 1997. He has spent much time since then in Continuing Education in Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

He is currently Surgeon and Implantologist in the European Centre of Stomatology – in Prague and Head Dentist in two private Dental Offices in Prague - Czech Republic. 

Recent Case Studies

Ridge split for horizontal atrophy in the anterior maxilla

By Dr. Vojtěch Slezáček

Horizontal atrophy of the anterior maxilla is common following removal of the maxillary incisors. This Case Report shows a Ridge Split to counteract this problem. This has the advantage of being a single stage procedure with quick healing and minimal post-operative complications

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Large scale bone grafting from the hip with an all-on-six implant reconstruction

By Dr. Vojtěch Slezáček

A patient had lost most of the base of her maxilla following the loss of her maxillary teeth. She received large scale bone grafts harvested from the hip to regenerate a ridge which was able to accommodate dental implants. A fixed reconstruction was then able to be provided

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