Peter Randelzhofer

Peter Randelzhofer received his dental training at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. His specialty training in Implantology and Prosthetics was at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg.

For eight years he practiced at the Academic Center Oral Implantology Amstelveen in the Netherlands. He now partners with Dr Claudio Cacaci at the Implant Competence Center in Munich.

Recent Case Studies

Immediate replacement of a maxillary incisor with an implant

By Dr. Peter Randelzhofer

This case presents the immediate replacement of a maxillary central incisor with an implant. Particular attention is given to improving the environment for implant success and to developing the desired emergence profile for the final restoration

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Emergence profile design in an esthetically demanding case using virtual technology

By Dr. Peter Randelzhofer

In this case a central incisor had to be replaced after some early trauma. The Emergence Profile for the final restoration was developed using a provisional restoration which was modified several times to build up to the desired form. A one-piece, screw-retained zirconia reconstruction digitally designed bonded to a Ti-Base abutment was used for the final restoration

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