Joaquín Tabuenca

Joaquín Tabuenca received his dental training in Madrid, graduating from the University of Alfonso X El Sabio in 2001.  He has also a MBA from UNED in 2010.

He has been using the Camlog® implants since 2003, he is an International Camlog® Opinion Leader. He now teaches Implant Dentistry in Hospital San Rafael in Madrid.  He works in private practice at Madrid, Guadalajara and Jerez de la Frontera.

Recent Case Studies

Replacement of four maxillary incisors

By Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca

This case shows the management of four periodontally involved maxillary incisors. These were removed and replaced with a bridge supported by two implants. Great care was taken to ensure that there was little or no bone or soft tissue loss after the removal of the incisors.

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Internal sinus lift with implant placement

By Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca

This case shows an internal sinus lift procedure using an osteotome to infracture the sinus floor and to raise the sinus membrane before osseous augmentation and implant placement. This avoided the traditional two-stage “Lateral Window” approach.

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Minimally invasive ridge augmentation

By Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca

Increasing the volume of bone and gingiva on resorbed ridges is difficult to achieve. It sometimes involves taking graft material from multiple donor sites. This may lead to significant postoperative complications. This case shows the reconstructive protocols we use with particulate augmentation, which are relatively simple, effective and free from complications.

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