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This new website "ImplantsConnect.Com" builds on the foundations established in our previous website "CamlogConnect.com". When we had to close that website down, we had such an outpouring of appreciation that we resolved to come up with something better, simpler, easier to access and simpler to search around in.

We have expanded to include all of Implantology, not just one brand. We have a section devoted to Regeneration, which increasingly goes hand-in-hand with implant therapyThere's a section on Technology which is transforming the way we do our cases. Finally, we have a section on Rehabilitation because this is the goal of all our work. 

We have completely refreshed all the material on the website with new typography, new layout, with the intention of making the material easier and simpler to learn from. We have several new search options available, and you will be able to bookmark content that you want to retrieve and reference.

Please note, we have no sponsorship for this new site. In a few months we will invite you to help support this project. This is a project "By Implantologists : For Implantologists". We hope you join us, we hope you will spread the word about us, we would love it if you want to share a case of yours with us.

If you want to talk, then please just send me an e-mail : Editor@ImplantsConnect.com.


Dr Peter Hunt

Publisher and Editor : ImplantsConnect.com

ImplantsConnect Office

266 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA

1 (215) 546 9813
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