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Reinforced provisionals suspended over implants

By Peter Hunt on May 15, 2018

Implant therapy can be a tedious , multi-stage lengthy process where it can be difficult for patients to wear teeth. Conventional technologies for long-term provisional restorations over implants have considerable shortcomings. This review article shows how CAD-CAM milled titanium bars can make therapy easier.

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Residual bone height as a factor in immediate molar transition

By Peter Hunt on May 15, 2018

Successful immediate maxillary molar replacement depends on two main factors. First, being able to ensure primary stability in the residual bone of the extraction socket. Second, ensuring bone regeneration within the socket and in the sinus region above the socket.

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Welcome to

By Peter Hunt on May 12, 2018

This new website "ImplantsConnect.Com" builds on the foundations established in our previous website "". When we had to close that website down, we had such an outpouring of appreciation that we resolved to come up with something better, simpler, easier to access and simpler to search around in.

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