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This new website builds on the foundations established in our previous website "CamlogConnect.com". When we had to close that website down, we had such an outpouring of appreciation that we resolved to come up with something better, simpler, easier to access and to search around in.

So we changed it

All the presentations have been re-edited, updated, use new typography and have enhanced imagery. They are easier to read, easier to visualize, better emphasize the essentials, have greater impact and leave a longer lasting impression.

ImplantsConnect.com is here to help you.

In both slide and video format, ImplantsConnect.com has an extensive library of clinical cases which show all sorts of problems and all sorts of solutions. Like you, our presenters are clinicians trying to navigate the fast changing landscape of modern dentistry. We are all trying to find ways to help our patients.

We have four main sections for you to browse


Implants are the essential foundation for modern dental rehabilitation. The technology has evolved but the protocols and procedures we use are often quite dated.


These days we spend more time and resources on Regeneration than on Implants. If the bone and soft tissue is not there for our implants we need to be prepared to augment and Regenerate.


Surgical Guides, Intra-Oral Scanbodies, 3-D printing, Digital Design, Laser Sintering, Titianium, Zirconia, PEEK : It's all bewildering, challenging and changing.


From Traditional technology to Modern digital processes our rehabilitation processes are changing. You need to be up to speed with the technology to provide predictable, durable, aesthetic restorations.

We have simple “Search Functions”

Our profession is changing fast, the technology, the materials and the protocols are in constant flux. ImplantsConnect.com looks around the world to find new and better ways of helping patients. Our material is available to you 24/7/365. Take advantage of it when you want.

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